ecopa’s Board, Treasurer and Secretary for 2018-2019

[page_title] ecopa’s Board represents the 4 stakeholder groups: Academia, Animal Welfare, Government and Industry. The Board Members for 2018-2019 are as follows: Academia: Tuula Heinonen (Finland, Vice-President)Philippe Vanparys (Belgium, Deputy) Animal Welfare: Kristina Wagner (Germany)Marianne Norring (Finland, Deputy) Government: Philippe Hubert (France, President)Stefano Lorenzetti (Italy, Deputy) Industry: Erwin Roggen (Denmark)Costanza Rovida (Italy, Deputy) ecopa’s Treasurer: […]

ecopa’s Strategy Document for 2017-2020

[page_title] ecopa’s Board approved a Strategy Document for the organisation for 2017-2020 at its meeting on 18 December 2017. The Document contains links to the current European National Consensus Platforms and Associate Members, a description of ecopa and its strategic goals, and its Grant Funding Procedures. The Document can be downloaded here.