ecopa Award for young scientists

[page_title] This award was given to a young scientist (max. 30 years old) participating in the 2019 EUROTOX Helsinki congress presenting research on the 3Rs, and more specifically towards New Approach Methods (NAMs) without animal testing. Application processThe ecopa Board or its representative select the contributions that best represent ecopa’s mission of 3Rs, either in […]

20th ecopa Annual Meeting

[page_title] The IPAM-ecopa Symposium “Non-Animal Methodologies (NAMs): research, testing, assessment and applications” was held in Rome on 7-8 November 2019. More information can be obtained from IPAM.

ecopa’s 2018 Symposium

[page_title] ecopa’s Symposium in 2018 was organised by Francopa and held in Paris on 5-6 November 2018. More details are available here.