Day 1, Saturday, 29 Nov. 2003 Moderator: Prof. Vera Rogiers, ecopa Working Group, B
09:30Opening address:
Mr. Abraao Carvalho, DG Enterprise, Head of Unit F3
09:45Basic Research and Development Work on Alternative Methods: We are falling short of News!
Dr. Bernward Garthoff, Treasurer ecopa, Bayer CropScience, Monheim, D
10:15Running European Pre- and Validation-Studies, Pipeline and Future Impact
Prof. Thomas Hartung, ECVAM, DG JRC, I
10:45Coffee break
10:15Running European Pre- and Validation-Studies, Pipeline and Future Impact
Prof. Thomas Hartung, ECVAM, DG JRC, I
11:20Other Alternatives in the Making on a worldwide Basis, Summary of the OECD
Dr. Hermann Koëter, former Princ. Administrator, Environment Directorate, OECD, presently: Dep. Exec. Dir./ Dir. Of Science, EFSA, Brussels, B
11:50Does the Set-Up of the EU 6th Framework Program help to address the need for new approaches?
Dr. Beatrice Lucaroni, Sci. Off., DG, RTD, B/EU
12:20Lunch break
Moderator: Prof. Walter Pfaller, ecopa working Group, Univ. Innsbruck, A
13:30Session: Project Approaches in the 6th FP (presentations 15 min incl. max. 5 min. discussions)
  • ecopa-initiated projects resp. projects with ecopa-participation (Prof. José Castell, Vice president ecopa, Valencia,E)
  • Predictomics (Prof. José Castell, E)
  • CONAM (Prof. Vera Rogiers, B)
  • Reprotect (Introduction) (Prof. Thoms Hartung, I & Dr. Rita Convindt, B
  • SensaCellTox (Dr. David Cowell, UK)
  • Edit (Dr. Cecilia Clemedson, S)
14:45Coffee Break
Moderator: Prof. Horst Spielmann, ecopa Working Group, ZEBET, Berlin, D
15:15Session: “blue horizon”: Other Novel Research Approaches to Alternative Test Development (6 proposals of 15 min. each)
  • Genotoxicity testing in vitro. The future for oxidative hair dyes. (Prof. Nicola Loprieno, Pisa, I)
  • Cosmetic Industry (Dr. Odile de Silva, Paris,F)
  • IVTIP & National Platforms (Dr. Joan-Albert Vericat, Madrid, E)
  • Academia (Prof. Peter Maier, Münsingen, CH)
  • Current status of industrial (pre)validation initiatives for in vitro skin and eye irritation testing using 3D human epidermal and corneal tissue models: (Dr. Bart De Wever, Nice, F
  • Alternative Non-Animal Testing and Risk Assessment: CSTEE Joint Working Group on Alternative Non-Animal Testing (Prof. Erik Dybing, Oslo, N)
16:45Coffee Break
Moderator: Dr. Tom Feijtel, Procter&Gamble, London , UK
17:15Round Table: “Funding vs. Politics” – Are we on the right track to “REACH the station” of Cosmetics Guideline and EU Chemical Policy without animal testing?
  • Foundations:
    • Industry Found.: Dr. Julia Fentem, Unilever, Shambrook, UK
    • Doerenkamp-Zbinden-Stiftung: Prof. Kay Brune, Erlangen, D
  • Platform Investments:
    • Dr. Anna-Laura Stammati, IPAM, Rome, I
  • Lobby Groups:
    • Animal Welfare: Dr. Roman Kolar, EUROGROUP for Animal Welfare, B/D
    • Industries:
      • Cosmetics: Dr. Odile de Silva, L’Oreal, Paris, F
      • Pharma CHemicals: Dr. Martin Kayser, ecopa Working Group D
    • DGs: Prof. Thomas Hartung, ECVAM, JRC, Ispra, I/EU
    • ecopa:
      • Mrs. Karen Gabrielson, ecopa Working Group, S
      • Dr. Arthur van Iersel, ecopa Working Group, NL
18:15End of Day 1
19:00Cocktail and Dinner
Day 2 , Sunday, 30 Nov. 2003 Moderator: Prof. Peter Maier, ecopa Working Group, CH
08:30ecopa Annual Meeting
  • Presentations of the new National Platforms
  • Confirmation of the final ecopa Statutes and the Board Elections as of June
09:30ecopa-Activities (coffee present in meeting rooms)
splitting-up of participants in 3 groups to work on proposals for ecopa initiatives with guidance by Horst Spielmann (D), José Castell (E), Jan v.d.Valk (NL)
  • How to address Ethics re. Alternative Guidelines
  • Follow up on establishing further National Platforms
  • Education/Information Program on Alternatives
11:00Presentation of proposals by group 1
11:30Presentation of proposals by group 2
12:00Presentation of proposals by group 3
12:30Brunch and Departure – Closure of 4th ecopa Workshop