a) Essential:

# 1A Four party principle and 3-R-concept as consensus in an individual country:

  • Does your national consensus platform accept the 3-R-concept and the four party principle?
  • Does your national consensus platform represent the four concerned parties (academia, animal welfare, industry and government)? Who are its members?
  • Is there acceptance of the 3-R-Concept as a working basis?
  • Is your national consensus platform the only one intending to represent your country and to apply for ecopa membership or do you know of other national consensus platforms in your country?


# 2A Recognized, legal organisation:

  • Does your national consensus platform have a basic organisational structure (by-laws, statutes, legal status, address etc.)?
  • What are its characteristics?


# 3A Activities in the 3-R-area:

  • Does your national consensus platform provide for a scope of 3-R-activities?
  • What kind of activities are there, e.g. sponsoring of programmes, activities in the field of 3R education, dissemination of information etc.?


# 4A Consensus established:

  • Is the selection of representatives (Voting Member) from your national consensus platform and the delegation to ecopa organised in an open and democratic way?
  • Would you please elaborate on the selection process?
  • Are the details of this process stipulated in the statutes or internal regulations (see # 2A)?


# 5A Financial matter:

  • Does your national consensus platform provide information on its financial background with respect to the budget and its contributors?
  • Please note, that this does not mean detailed figures and names of sponsors but overall figures giving information on the genuine sources of financing.
  • Would you also consent to publish this data on the ecopa website in order to promote transparency and mutual trust?
b) Additional:

#1B The members of national consensus platforms should be representantives of the 4 parties in the country:

  • Does the election of members of the four parties in your national consensus platform take place by defined rules? What rules are in place?
  • Do members have to pass a defined selection/election process? Please, elaborate.


#2B Established structures:

  • Is the organizational structure of your national consensus platform defined and presented e.g. by a brochure or on a website?
  • Does your national consensus platform provide for one or several of the following aspects: E-mail address, information office, secretary, presentation of a programme, setting priorities for financial support?
  • Do you have other organizational aspects/points that you would like to mention?


#3B Promotion of the 3-R-principle:

  • Does your national consensus platform promote 3-R related activities in your or another country?
  • Does the operating program include sponsored 3R-activities, lectures, discussion forums, lobbying for 3R-issues, etc.?
  • Please, describe the scope of activities and how they are defined, organized and initiated.


#4B Consensus established:

  • Are there regular platform meetings?
  • Do you have a longterm programme? What are the longterm goals/objectives?
  • Do you have knowledge of a second national consensus platform claiming the representation of your country?


#5B Financial matter:

  • How is the financial support of your national consensus platform organised?
  • Please note that the financial support from the four parties should be balanced to a certain extent. The money should be provided directly or indirectly at least by two of the four parties.