“...To take advantage of your incredibly interesting workshop and the wonderful environment. It was one of my best workshop, and I learned a lot.”
Dr K. Fent
University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Environmental Technology, Muttenz (CH)
“We were offered the opportunity to get into contact with other young people and “established” scientists, to exchange knowledge and discuss our current work. It was also a good ”idea to keep the number of attendees low and to arrange accommodation for all workshop participants in the same area, so that discussions were not interrupted, because everybody was not vanishing into a different restaurant or hotel after the end of the presentations.”
Dr. A. Lühe
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Non-clinical Drug Safety, Basel (CH)
"…One of the results of the meeting is that we are starting to collaborate together with Andreas Hess, we are convinced that a collaboration will be very good for the refinement and completion of our “pain-detection projects”. I hope ecopa will continue to further organize these workshops, because I’m convinced that only by bringing young people from different research fields together, it will be possible to create a stable and long-lasting platform for alternative methods research in Europe."
Dr. P. Cinelli
Institute of Laboratory Animal Science, University of Zurich, Zurich (CH)
“It was a pleasure to participate in the ecopaScienceInitiative: the meeting was very well organized, and of excellent scientific quality, and I enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues.”
Prof. D. Eizirik
L'Université Libre de Bruxelles, Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Brussels
“…thanks for the beautiful conference... Funny, that some of the new connections, and also what looks to be possible collaborations, of eSi are with people from the same city, even the same institution!”
Drs. Tina Bonsdorff
Laboratory Animal Unit Norwegian school of Veterinary Science Oslo (NO)
"I regard this kind of meeting as an outstanding idea. Both the lectures and the delightful place gave suggestions to discuss with many other colleagues. On no other meeting I learned so many colleagues to know. From my point of view the meeting was a full success."
Dr. Elke Genschow
ZEBET, Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR), Berlin, (DE)
"Thanks you for inviting me to the first eSi-Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Alicante finding the presentations and discussions interesting and useful for my own area of research”
Matthew Caley, phD
Wound Biology Group Oral Surgery Medicine & Pathology (UK)
"I found it to be a very interesting and worthwhile experience. The topics were well presented and discussed and I for once found it to be a great learning experience.”
Dr. Tara McMorrow
University College Dublin, Belfield, IE