These regulations define procedures applicable to the corresponding articles of the statutes.

Revisions made between 2002 and 2009:
See pages 18 – 21 in the statutes:

Article 12. Frequency of General Assemblies, Notification, Agenda and Minutes (30.11.2009):
Decisions of the General Assembly can be made during the year via “virtual meetings” such as telefone conferences, Emails or by other electronic tools as appropriate.

Article 14. Appointment or Election and Resignation of Members of the Board (30.11.2009)
In order to prepare board elections, the board can establish a nomination committee. At least one member should be a board member which reports about the procedures and decisions made to the board. The nomination committee defines the procedure beforehand. The board has a veto right.

The board can invite previous board members as advisors to attend the board meetings, as regarded appropriate. The advisors have no voting rights.

Article 19. Representation (18.12.2005)
For statements from Working Groups, statements from ecopa and similar documents deemed to be official ecopa papers in particular with the ecopa logo the following procedure is mandatory:

  1. the draft must be circulated by email to all NCP representatives in the ecopa board at least 7 working days before the publication date of the document,
  2. the NCP representatives must maintain active email addresses and communicate these addresses to ecopa;
  3. NCP representatives in the ecopa board disagreeing with the content of such a document must issue an immediate “veto” message to the board members and the Secretary General, preferably with a suggestion for acceptable text.
  4. documents are to be declared acceptable by clear email messages, by all NCP representatives in the board, to all board members and the Secretary General within the 7 working days.
  5. this procedure does not apply for statements and documents which are clearly signed as personal contribution.


For personal publications, presentations (including poster presentations), round-table contributions, forum comments and similar documents, the proposed document/speech/slide presentation or comment must be sent to the three members of the Executive Board (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer) 7 working days before the event, with a request for the document to be checked. The check must be performed quickly and consent not withheld unreasonably.

Working group representatives must, in agreement with the group they represent, provide a name with the email address and telephone/telefax number of another member of the group they represent. This person will be contacted should the official representative be unavailable. ecopa cannot be held responsible if adequate contact details are not provided.

If the official ecopa logo is used, it has to be written in small letters and italics.