Lisbeth E. Knudsen


Lisbeth E. Knudsen, PhD, professor in Toxicology. Research in toxicology, genotoxicology, biomonitoring of environmental and occupational exposures, alternatives to animal experiments, ethical aspects of genetic testing and biomonitoring. LEK was National member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (ESAC) for the European Centre for the validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM) 2000-2009, the EU implementation group on biomonitoring 2003-2011. At the national level Lisbeth coordinated major biomonitoring studies within occupational health: stainless steel welders 1987, busdrivers and mail carriers 1995. Member of the Research Council of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Member of Danish Consensus Platform for 3R Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (DACOPA). LEK received the Nordic Alternative Price 2006 for promoting development of alternatives to animal testing. LEK is the coordinator of the Danish in vitro toxicology network and president in the European Consensus Platform for 3R Alternatives to Animal Experimentation (ECOPA).

Tuula Heinonen


Tuula Heinonen, Ph.D. (toxicology), Adjunct professor, Director of FICAM (The Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods), School of Medicine, University of Tampere, Finland, tuula.heinonen@uta.fi Over 20 years´ experience to develop alternative (replacement) methods.  Founding member and director of GLP-grade center, FICAM which focuses on method development (replacement of animal experiments by human cell based tissue/organ models) and validations, disseminating 3R-information, education and training.  Long experience in pharma industry’s R&D and in other research institutes especially in safety assessment of chemical and biotechnology substances.  Participating in several meetings with the FDA and EMEA.  Several publications in the field of toxicology and alternative methods. Associate Editor of Frontiers in Predictive Toxicity. Temporary reviewer e.f. for   Human & Experimental Toxicology, Tissue Engineering.Teaching and lecturing on regulatory toxicology and alternatives fields e.g. in universities. Expert in Commission’s working groups. The Finnish PARERE person for ECVAM. Acting vice-president and previous board member of ecopa, Acting president of Fincopa, Acting president of the Scandinavian Society of Cell Toxicology, Past president of the Finnish Society of Toxicology, A founding member of the Finnish toxicology register. The Finnish contact person for EUROTOX toxicology register from the year the EUROTOX toxicology register was founded.

Philippe Vanparys


Philippe Vanparys graduated as biologist at the State University of Ghent (Belgium) and joined in 1978 the Janssen Research Foundation in Beerse (Belgium). He established the genetic toxicology unit and became head of this department. He gained his PhD in Science in 1988 at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). In 1990, he established an in vitro toxicology laboratory with focus on the development of alternative methods to replace and reduce the use of laboratory animals in toxicology testing. He was appointed in 1991 Director of Genetic and In vitro Toxicology and in 2000 as Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Genetic and In vitro Toxicology at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development in Beerse (Belgium). In 2005, he established a centre of Excellence on Mechanistic Toxicology and was appointed as “EU Head Mechanistic Toxicology”. In 2008, he step out at J&JPRD and became as consultant Managing Director of the Centre for Advanced Research and Development of Alternative Methods (CARDAM) at VITO (Belgium). Since March 2011, he is consultant and senior advisor at CARDAM.

Manfred Liebsch


(German) Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)

Erwin L Roggen



Sophie Deleu



Marianne Norring



Troy Seidle

3R experts

Troy Seidle is Director of Research & Toxicology for Humane Society International. He leads HSI’s science-policy efforts in Europe and globally to advance the development, quality assurance, regulatory acceptance and use of animal-free approaches to toxicity testing and risk assessment in collaboration with policy makers and scientists in the corporate, governmental, academic, and NGO communities. Seidle was a leading contributor to recent political negotiations surrounding EU chemicals, biocides and agrochemicals regulations, and is a driving force behind the FP7-funded coordination project “AXLR8”

Marianne Kuil

3R experts

Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals

Thomas Hartung

3R experts

Thomas Hartung, MD PhD, is professor pharmacology, toxicology, immunology and microbiology at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, and University of Konstanz, Germany. He directs their centers for alternatives to animal testing (CAAT). Previously he headed ECVAM at the EU Joint Research Center.