10-11 November 2011 | Madrid, Spain

Agenda for 10 November – Board Meeting & General Assembly

  8:00    Board Meeting
 10:30    Coffee Break & Welcome to NCP Representatives
 11:00    General Assembly (Board Members & NCP Representatives)
 13:30    Lunch
 15:00    Elections
 17:30    Meeting of New Board

Presentations of NCPs at the General Assembly

Programme for 11 November – Annual Conference

  9:00    Welcome (ecopa & REMA)
  9:15    Alternatives in Upcoming EU Framework Programmes (European Commission, BE)
  9:35    SEURAT Project (Maurice Whelan, European Commission JRC, Ispra, IT)
  9:55    AXLR8 Project (Troy Seidle, HSI, UK)
 10:15    New Advances (Janna de Boer, ZonMW, NL)
 10:25    Coffee Break & Poster Session
 11:00    Joint CAAT-Europe / ecopa Actions (Thomas Hartung, CAAT, US)
 11:20    Inconsistencies in EU Data Requirements (Roman Kolar, DTB/Eurogroup, DE)
 11:40    Challenges for the Implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU (Oscar Dignoes, Environment Ministry, ES)
 12:00    Round Table
 12:30    Lunch
 14:00    Coordination of Validation Strategies (Joachim Kreysa, ECVAM, IT)
 14:20    The Future of the Validation Process (Manfred Liebsch, ZEBET, DE)
 14:40    The Point of View of Industry (Philippe Vanparys, CARDAM, BE)
 15:00    The Point of View of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Joan Albert Vericat, Noscira, ES)
 15:20    Coffee Break & Poster Session
 16:20    Challenges for the 2014 World Congress in Prague (Dagmar Jírová, CZECOPA, CZ)
 16:35    Scientific Communications (Selected Posters) & Awards (ecopa & REMA)
 17:00    Conclusions & End of Meeting