Founded in 2007, Norecopa is Norway’s National Consensus-Platform for the 3Rs. Norecopa’s Board contains representatives for all the four stakeholders (regulators, industry, research and animal welfare). The Board delegates the day-to-day responsibility for Norecopa’s affairs to the Secretary. Norecopa’s highest organ is the Annual Meeting, which according to the statutes is to be held before 15 June.

Norecopa maintains a comprehensive website of 3R resources (currently approx. 8,500 pages, Norecopa issues detailed English-language newsletters 7-8 times a year with the latest 3R news. The website includes an interactive global map of 3R centres and networks:

Norecopa arranges international consensus meetings and issues position statements. A 3R prize is announced annually. The chair of Norecopa’s Board is currently Bente Bergersen (2018-2022). Board members are elected for 4 years. Norecopa’s Secretary is a full-time position, currently held by Adrian Smith, to whom enquires should be directed (