The carcinoGENOMICS project board met in Brussels on 27-28 May in combination with a capacity-building meeting. This was an internal meeting, to which regulators from the European Medicines Agency Working Group as well as the Dutch chemical authority RIVM and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development were invited for discussions. The theme of the interdisciplinary workshop was “Testing first project results on the target audience: regulators.” The sessions dealt with:

  1. Initial statements and views, with contributions from Coenrad Hendriksen and Arthur Van Iersel (Netherlands Vaccine Institute), Bernward Garthoff (BIO.NRW, Germany), and Vera Rogiers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).
  2. Results and data related to and impact on risk assessment, with contributions from M. Ryan (University College of Dublin), Hans Gmuender (Genedata, Switzerland), Hector Keun (Imperial College, London), and Raffaella Corvi (ECVAM/JRC).


This was followed by a wrap-up by Herman Koëter and a final discussion session moderated by Bernward Garthoff. In this discussion, the regulators present took a very active part and explained their point of view. The project coordinator, Jos Kleinjans, had been invited before this workshop already to a meeting of the EMEA Working Group following the week thereafter. The next project board meeting will take place in Copenhagen, DK, on 9-10 September 2010. The next annual consortium meeting takes place in Arona, Italy on 8-10 November 2010.