The 16th General Assembly of ecopa was held in Linz, Austria on 22 September 2015. The Assembly approved new statutes for ecopa. A new Board was elected for the next two years, representing the four stakeholders:

  • Tuula Heinonen, President (academia)
    • Deputy: Lisbeth Knudsen
  • Philippe Hubert, Vice-President (government and regulatory authorities)
    • Deputy: Manfred Liebsch
  • Erwin Roggen (industry)
    • Deputy: Costanza Rovida
  • Kirsty Reid (animal protection and welfare organisations)
    • Deputy: Marianne Nørring


Philippe Vanparys continues as Treasurer. Francois Busquet is ecopa’s Secretary, assisted by Mardias Daneshian. The minutes of the Assembly can be read here.