ecopa newsletter | July-September 2022

This is the beginning
of a new era for ecopa!

I strongly believe that ecopa has an important role in the scientific environment, which is evolving from traditional toxicology, based on the animal models, towards a more advanced approach that is focused on biological pathways assessed on human based models.

The role of ecopa in this scenario is multifaceted. First of all, the strength of ecopa is based on the four pillars: Academia, Industry, Animal Welfare and Government. Each of them faces the transition to go beyond the use of animals in science from a different perspective. The authority still asks for animal tests that are requested in many regulations while animal welfare organizations strive for an immediate ban. Academia is in between with research groups that are moving fast in the area of NAMs (New Approach Methodologies) and other teams linked to traditional methods. Industry is in between, asking for reliable and efficient methods for the assessments of chemicals or drugs. In this scenario, ecopa offers the opportunity of a platform where stakeholders from the four pillars can discuss and find a consensus following the principle of the 3Rs: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement.


methods or strategies which avoid or replace the use of animals in research or for educational purposes.


use of methods that enable researchers to obtain comparable levels of information from fewer animals, or to obtain more information from the same number of animals.


use of methods that alleviate or minimize potential pain, suffering or distress, and enhance animal welfare for the animals used for scientific purposes.

Another important aspect is that ecopa represents an umbrella joining the National Platforms, each of them based on the principle of the four pillars. Through ecopa, the National Platforms have a dialogue where they can learn from each other and share their experiences.

In the latest years, our activity faced unprecedent difficulties. That’s why we decided to do something to booster our mission and improve our potential. The first step was the renewing of the website.

It is not only a matter of makeup, rather a sub-stantial change in the principle. The website is now the forum to collect ideas and share initiatives.

In this context, we decided to complement it with an ecopa newsletter that will be quarterly and will contain the list of most relevant events and news. In rotation, each issue will have a page dedicated to special announcement from one of the National Platform.

I really hope that you are appreciating this initiative and you will enjoy staying with us along this exciting scientific era!
Welcome on board!

Costanza ROVIDA,
ecopa President