carcinoGENOMICS news

[page_title] The carcinoGENOMICS project board met in Brussels on 27-28 May in combination with a capacity-building meeting. This was an internal meeting, to which regulators from the European Medicines Agency Working Group as well as the Dutch chemical authority RIVM and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development were invited for discussions. The theme of […]

ESNATS update

[page_title] The Embryonic Stem cell-based Novel Alternative Testing Strategies (ESNATS) held its general consortium meeting from 26-28 April at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy. This meeting had as a main goal to discuss the progress made in the two years since the project’s inception, to discuss and agree on different project-related topics, and […]

ReProTect news

[page_title] The ReProTect project officially ended at the end of 2009 following the final Annual General Meeting in Italy on December 7. In addition to the preparation of a final project report for public dissemination, the report and recommendations of an ECVAM/ReProTect Workshop entitled Implementation of the Embryonic Stem Cell Test has been published in […]

Sens-it-iv update

[page_title] A 4th general assembly of the project was held on 26-28 April in Berlin, during which the work packages had the opportunity to discuss their implementation plan for the next months. In response to feedback from the Scientific Advisory Board, some of the assays under development were (at least temporarily) abandoned due to scientific […]

START-UP Latest news

[page_title] Reports from the three START-UP workshops on refinement, reduction and replacement have been compiled and supplied to the European Commission in April 2010, together with recommendations and road maps. This final document will be used to produce a booklet about the START-UP project for distribution to the general public.